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    Are you worried about your stretch marks and looking for some ways to treat them? We have good news for you. Read this article till the end, and you will get all your answers.

    What are stretch marks?

    Scientifically speaking, stretch marks are long, thin bruises like marks on your skin caused by tearing of the dermis of the skin.

    Stretch marks are commonly associated with pregnancy and weight gain, but they can also occur during growing stages such as puberty.

    The appearance of stretch marks ranges from red to whitish colors, although they largely differ according to your skin tone.

    How is body butter helpful in stretch marks?

    Stretch marks are the bruises that your dermis (upper layer of skin) faces when your skin stretches during pregnancy or weight gain. Stretch marks are stubborn. They won’t go that easy. But you can reduce their appearance, and if you start taking precautions right on time, there are chances that you can avoid them completely.

    So how can you reduce your stretch marks? Body butter is the answer. Body butter such as Shea body butter are emollients in nature. They keep your body moisturized and maintain its elasticity.

    How to use body butter for stretch marks correctly?

    Raw Shea body butter is most effective for reducing stretch marks. Apply the unrefined sea body butter three to four times on the affected areas. It will significantly reduce the appearance of stretch on your body.

    It is important that you use unrefined Shea butter to get you maximum benefits. Additional ingredients like vitamin E make the body butter more effective for stretch marks.


    Body butter is really effective in reducing stretch marks, but it won’t remove them permanently. If you want to permanently reduce your stretch marks, you should go for laser treatment.

    Although there is no shame associated with stretch marks. All bodies are beautiful in their own ways. In the end, it’s all about what makes you happy. If reducing your stretch mark appearance makes you happy, you should do it.


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