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    Our Story


    Our Story

    The Birth

    Brand Fyori

    Marie Ferow travelled around the world often as an international recording artist. Enjoying the sights and sounds, she began noticing something. Her skin reacted differently according to the climate, weather, and even the water of the places she visited. More often than not, it led to her skin feeling dry and itchy. She needed a solution, one that would both moisturize and treat her skin all while avoiding the harsh chemicals most skincare products had.

    Unable to find something that was fit for purpose, Marie took matters into her own hands and began researching. And so, in 2019, she brought Fyori to life. Fyori is an Italian word that translates to “flower”. Reflective of an all-natural and organic formula, soft and gentle on your skin. Our mission is to use as few chemicals throughout our day as possible and to get real, natural products into our body. Spoil yourself and treat your skin to the luxury that only nature can offer, perfect for both men and women. Each ingredient is carefully sourced so all our products are 100% vegan, plant-based, cruelty and paraben-free.

    The Team

    Our Values

    At Fyori, we have a team of highly professional and dedicated experts who have extensive experience in the skincare field. Our experts inspect the ingredients of each product skeptically to ensure it’s quality. Our mission is to deliver our valuable clients the solution to have ultimate radiant and fresh skin with natural ingredients. Our vision is to transform Fyori into a brand that believes in the power of nature and is determined to deliver nothing but results with the persistent approach to growth and financial wellbeing. With us, you find the solution to your particular skin problems, that are hindering your glow. For us, the ultimate business success is to increase your quality of life. From handling the customer queries to finalizing purchases, delivering the products, and the ultimate feedback, we make sure every step is customer oriented.

    Fyori is a solutions-oriented brand focused on connecting the diaspora through music, fashion, beauty, and culture. Our brand of products brings a fresh perspective and passion for people, purpose and philanthropy. We value the enjoyment of life and believe that true unity is in the respect of all communities.

    The Difference

    Why Fyori?

    From optimal quality coconut oil to tea tree oil for blemish removal; we have it all under one roof. If you are dealing with dry skin and the rough weather causes severe skin allergies and/or dry patches, then dive into the ocean of hydration with our classic body butter and sea moss gels. At Fyori, you find products that are all-natural and pure. By extracting the ingredients from natural resources, we try to give back as much as possible. All our products are plant-based, organic, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Our products are specially designed to give your skin a luxurious and pampered feel.

    We practice a zero-tolerance policy at Fyori as there are strict quality assurance procedures in place. Once you purchase the product, we ensure you get the desired benefits by asking for customer feedback. If you have any queries or complaints, our customer care team will handle and resolve your grievance on a priority basis. We rely on nature for goodness, purity, and effectiveness without any side effects, and that is what makes Fyori a unique brand, ensuring we extract natural ingredients without the addition of chemical ingredients.


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