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    Infertility is a significant problem these days. Every one in three couple is suffering from infertility in one way or another. And many couples struggle in getting or staying pregnant.  When you are trying to get pregnant, it sometimes gets really tempting to try different methods hoping that it might get work in your favor.

    This is where many health foods and supplements enter. While some of these health foods have none to little effects but some have proven scientific benefits. It is not harmful to try different foods which have no side effects or are dangerous to pregnant women in any way.

    When we talk about such magic foods, sea moss is the latest talk of the town. This red sea alga is present in the waters of the North Atlantic.

    Uses of sea moss in pregnancy

    Sea moss is rich in fibers and nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, zinc. All these nutrients are essential for your body when you are trying to get pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy.

    The high quantities of iodine in sea moss and sufficient quantities are required for thyroid functions. As both hypo and hyper thyroids are responsible for infertility, the use of sea moss is garnering attention for improving fertility.

    In some areas like the Caribbean, sea moss is believed to be an aphrodisiac for men, which in simpler terms means that it increases the testosterone level in men. Testosterone is responsible for increasing the sex drive and a number of hormones in men and hence can help you and your partner get pregnant.

    What does science say?

    Well, the scientific answer to this question can be a little disappointing because there is not enough evidence to prove these claims true.

    We are not saying sea moss does not have healthy nutrients and health benefits. Sea moss is very healthy for you when you eat it in the right amounts. But it might not help you get pregnant.

    Taking sea moss in the right amount helps you in resolving several other problems like obesity and metabolic syndrome. These issues can sometimes cause a problem in conceiving. This can give us an explanation for why all these “sea moss help in pregnancy” rumors originated. Because those people might be suffering from such issues and eating sea moss help in resolving these issues.


    Sea moss is great when taken in recommended amounts. But does it help you get pregnant? No, it does not.

    It is enriched with nutrients that are excellent for your overall health but helping you in making babies is a little bit of exaggeration associated with the sea moss.


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